The Carnival of Marvels and Monsters

Album and CD

It’s Carnival time and the city is magical, ruled by the King of Night with his demons and the Queen of Day with her army of birds and animals. Finn and Chloe have come from their village wearing splendid costumes made by their mother. Finn is dressed as the starry Sky dotted with clouds and Chloe as the Earth strewn with flowers. The city is alive with music and dancing, and the children are about to join in. But just then the dreadful King of Night spots their costumes. Wild with jealousy, he kidnaps them. Finn and Chloe fight back courageously. Will they manage to escape? Find out in this delightful story full of magic, adventure and music.
The CD is a production of Chroma Musika, under the musical direction of Maria Diamantis and Dimitris Ilias with student choirs from Montreal. 
Also available in french : Le Carnaval des merveilles et des monstres, 2018
Veroutsou, Katerina
Georgantelis, Giannis
Autre collaborateur: 
Diamantis, Maria
À partir de 4 ans
48 pages
Année de publication : 
Makropoulos, Mihalis